Book Review: ‘The Christmas Wedding Guest: A Novel’ By Susan Mallery

Author Susan Mallery writes the best family themed novels about love and starting over. If you’re a fan of rom-coms/family based novels, her books are perfect for you. The small town of Wishing Tree, Washington is the setting, not to far from Seattle. The Somerville family is front and center. Reggie and her sister Dena are both going through different things in their lives. Dena got artifically inseminated and is expecting a baby. She’s a teacher and timed it so the baby comes at the end of the school year. Reggie is still getting over being engaged and then dumped a year ago during the holidays. They both are excited to help plan their parents vow renewal ceremony. But Reggie soon learns her high-school boyfriend Toby is back in town and dreads seeing him. Dena meets a rock-star Micah who’s staying at the B&B she owns. They become close as does Toby and Reggie, but both Toby and Micah have baggage and new releationships might be hard for all four of them. The two couples learn to try and put their pasts behind them but like all rom-coms things happen and can they really have futures together? And there’s an adorable dog named Belle who steals the book!

You can pick up The Christmas Wedding Guest in stores now.

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