Book Review: ‘The Christmas Orphan’s Club: A Novel’ By Becca Freeman

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Hannah and Finn became fast friends over Christmas in 2008 in college, and have spent every Christmas together since. Along the way Theo and Priya came along, and the four of them have been best friends, and family since, spending every Christmas together. Via flashbacks, we read along on some of the years of their holidays. Finn has announced he is moving to LA for his new job, and this will be the last year in NY, and possibly for the annual Christmas holiday tradition. Hannah also has a boyfriend, David, they live together, and are in love, yet she keeps his distant from her friend group, and it’s causing friction in their relationship. Finn is madly in love with Theo since the first night they met, but has kept this to himself, well the girls know, and isn’t sure if he should risk their friendship by telling him before he moves. This Christmas will be the defining year of their friendships, and with it everything could change. A well-written character driven novel, that keeps you engaged with these four people, spanning a number of years. At its core, it’s about family. Another solid Christmas novel.

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