Book Review: ‘The Christmas Bookshop: A Novel’ By Jenny Colgan

Carmen is the younger sister and hasn’t had things easy as compared to her older sister Sofia, who is married, has money and is expecting her fourth child. Carmen works in a shop and likes her job but not really her boss. But the shop closes and Carmen is forced to move back home with her parents, who then pawn her off to her sister, who doesn’t really want her. They have fences to mend and Sofia gets her a job at a local bookstore that’s probably going out of business, with one her clients Mr. McCredie, an old man who’s set in his ways. Carmen decides to overhaul the store and her changes are paying off, as the store becomes very successful. Carmen even gets in a bit of a love triangle. But things don’t always go according to plan and with issues with her sister and a miss understanding with the man she wants, Carmen’s Christmas may not go the way she wants it to.

Jenny Colgan writes the best novels and her Christmas novel is a really well-written character focused novel, with a main characer you root for as you read the book. A little something for everyone this Holiday season!

You can pick up The Christmas Bookshop in stores on Tuesday, November 16 from William Morrow.

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