Book Review: ‘The Chosen One’ Is The Follow-Up Novel To Walt Gragg’s The Red Line

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author Walt Gragg is back with his follow-up to The Red Line. The new novel The Chosen One finds a new crisis in the Middle East and it will take everything the US Military has to stop and defeat them.

Algerian cleric Muhammad Mourad is considered The Chosen One. He’s leading a Pan-Arab coalition throughout the Middle East and into Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The story centers on individuals that are fighting against in this war. Samuel Erickson is leading a platoon through the African Desert and on its way to Cairo. Bradley ‘Blackjack’ Mitchell is flying missions out of Cairo and is helping Samuel in his march to Cairo. As the story progresses we see the push forward and what happens during this grisly battle. Will Samuel be able to make it in one piece with minimal casualties?

If you’re a fan of war novels this is the one for you. I didn’t read The Red Line but from the snippets I looked at online, this books seems like a sold follow-up. Author Walt Gragg has written a solid story of war, with an awesome perspective of the weapons and the people fighting it out.

You can pick up The Chosen One in stores on Tuesday, November 19th from Berkley.