Book Review: ‘The Chestnut Man’ Is A Page-Turning Novel

Author Soren Sveistrup is a Danish script writer, show creator and producer. He is the one who made the hit AMC show The Killing. And now he is having his US book debut with The Chestnut Man. It’s a thrilling page-turning story with lots of twists and turns that will keep you reading right to the last page. The characters are great escpecially Mark Hess, who is one of the most intense characters in books all years.

The story begins with a veteran cop being killed and then the story forward years later and Rosa Hartung is returning to work at the Copenhagen’s Minister for Social Affairs. One year ago her daughter went missing and is presumed dead. A man confessed to the crime but never told them where the body was. He is in a mental institute now.

And now on the anniversary a mother is found dead and then another one a few days later is found dead and both were dismembered. What they had in common was Chestnut figures left at the scene. Detective Naia Thuhn and Mark Hess (who is new to the force here) are on the case and looking for any little thing that can lead to the killer. And on the figures they find a fingerprint from Rosa’s girl that went missing.

Hess is obsessed with this case and is practically working it 24/7. He comes up with things that put him and Naia on the trail of the killer and the closer they get to finding the person leads them into danger. The killer seems to be one step ahead of them and it all leads to a dangerous climax where Naia and Mark find their lives in danger and a shocking reveal of the killer. Who will survive the final showdown?

This book has already sold in 25 countries and Harper Collins will be releasing it on Tuesday. September 3rd. This could be one of the books of the fall. Well worth a read.

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