Book Review: ‘The Chanel Sisters’ Is A Great Historical Fiction Look At The Two Famous Sisters By Author Judithe Little

Coco Chanel is known for her fashion and her very popular perfume Chanel #5. Her sister Antoinette is not as famously known and I didn’t even know about her until reading this book. The novel looks at their lives from the time after their mother died and their father left. They were taken in by the Nuns and had to live by their rules. But they always thought there would be better things in life. As they got of age they started to define their lives. Coco wanted to be a dancer and singer and for a short time that worked. Antoinette worked at a hat factory and became very good at making them and selling them.

Coco soon became the paramour of a married man and then met the love of her live Boy who helped her open a shop and she became famous for her hats and clothes. Antoinette also met a man, who was married and they were in love and spent as much time together as they could. Then the war came and changed everything.

This is their story and it’s a fascinating look at their lives. I had known about Coco but not her sister and the rest of their family. Told in great detail by author Judithe Little, you can tell she did her research in reading the book.

You can pick up The Chanel Sisters in stores on Tuesday, December 29th from Graydon House.

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