Book Review: ‘The Chain’ Is A Thrilling Novel

Rachel has left Kylie at the bus station to go to school. It’s like any other normal day. Except today Kylie has been kidnapped. The man and the woman tell her it’s nothing personal, she’s not in danger they had to do it. She will be fine as long as her mother does what she is told to do. Rachel gets a call. Is told to come up with $25,000, kidnap another child and do what she will be instructed to do. She’s now part of The Chain and you cannot break it. Once she does what she’s told her daughter will be released. And so on and so on it goes for unsuspecting parents. And again do not think about trying to break The Chain, do not call the police and do not do anything without our permission. We know all and have people everywhere.

Rachel gets Kylie back but their lives are not the same now. And Rachel has heard from The Chain a reminder that she will always be a part of it. Rachel decides to go on the offensive and see if she can figure out who they are and somehow try and stop them. She catches a break when another member named Erik is able to help her and soon Rachel will get a shock and it will lead to a deadly showdown.

A great thriller with lots of twists and turns that have the reader on the edge of their seats with an exciting page-turner of a story. It makes you think twice about letting your kids walk alone anywhere and just how far a parent will go to protect their kids.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from Mulholland Books.

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