Book Review: ‘The Cage: A Novel’ By Bonnie Kistler

The Cage is a thrilling novel that starts off strong and never lets up. With twists and turns right up to the very end, it will leave you satisfied after reading it. It’s Superbowl Sunday night and two women are at work, a fasion house, and getting ready to leave at 9pm. Shay Lambert, who is an attorney, and Lucy Barton-Jones, who heads HR, meet at the elevator and don’t talk. They both get in and on the way down the power goes out. Shay calls 911 and tells them about the elevator and that Lucy seems to be having a panic attack. When the doors open, one is dead from a gunshot and the other is being taken into questioning. She claims it was suicide and soon talks her way out of things. But there are forces working against the woman and she soon finds herself with murder charges. Via flashbacks we learn shocking secrets of her past and also we follow the forces that want this not to be a suicide but a murder. And it all ends with a shocking reveal.

You can pick up The Cage in stores on Tuesday, February 15th from Harper.

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