Book Review: ‘The Bromance Book Club’ Is One Of The Best Rom-Com Novels Of The Year

Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott thought he had it all. He’s married to his beautiful wife Thea, has two little girls, a big-time contract and fame. But one night it all blows up. After having sex with his wife he notices her orgasm is different from anytime before. He figures out she’s been faking it for the three years they’ve been together. He calls her out on it and she admits it. This leads to a big fight, him sleeping in the guest room and they her asking him to move out and wanting a divorce. He gladly leaves. This is where things get interesting.

His best friend Del and Mack show up at his place when he’s really drunk and tell him it’s time to fix his marriage and they’re going to help him. He needs to follow exactly what they tell him and he will have Thea back. Of course he doesn’t listen at first and makes things worse. They take him to task and he agrees to listen.

You see these guys and others have been where he is now. They have helped each other over the years and now it’s time to help Gavin. It’s a secret men only book club. And the secret to working things out is to read romance novels. Yes guys need to read romance novels to show them how they have screwed up. And Gavin needs to follow the exact steps they tell him.

So Gavin starts reading an erotic, romance novel called Courting The Countess and starts to figure some stuff out. And he goes to Thea with a plan to win her back (which she says she doesn’t want him back). And they start to get close again working on things slowly and trying to figure out exactly how they got to this point. And they both realize that it’s not one thing. They both have issues they need to resolve and talk about to fix things. The only question is can they before it’s too late?

I love reading rom-coms and this may be my favorite all year. Written by author Lyssa Kay Adams as a guide for men from a woman’s point of view is just genius. You root right away for Gavin to win Thea back and as you read the book you’re just not sure if it will happen. The novel within the novel is great as well and maybe Lyssa should actually write a full book call Courting The Countess.

The cast of characters is outstanding from Del, Mack, The Russian, the sister and the twin girls all playing their parts perfectly. With some great LOL moments, this book will when finished put a smile on your face. And remember what happens at the Male Book Club stays in the Male Book Club. And yes we do find out why the book is titled this way.

You can pick up The Bromance Book Club in stores form William Morrow on Tuesday, November 5th.

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