Book Review: ‘The Breaker’ Is The Next Thrilling Peter Ash Novel By Nick Petrie

Peter Ash is back for his sixth adventure and this one is more personal. After the events of the last back and Peter’s battles in Iceland, he’s now wanted by the FBI. He’s living in Milwaukee on the down low with June, right down the street from his best friend Lewis. Everything is going okay until the day the three of them go to lunch. Both Peter and Lewis notice a shady guy with what looks like an assualt gun. They give chase to him and try and stop him from a potenital mass shooting. The guy ends up stealing a phone and taking off. It leads June to investigating the person the phone was taken from, a rich tech guy named Vincent Holloway. Peter and Lewis are also investigating and soon the three of them end up0 working together on the case. June is being stalked by a mysterious man and Peter and Lewis are close on the shooter’s tail. It leads to a man from June’s past who wants help as well with this case and can possibly clear Peter’s name. It leads to a wild climatic shoot-out and lives will be on the line.

I love the Peter Ash series and this one is as good as the previous ones. Getting June in on the action this time was great, as she proved she can be just as smart and can hold her own just like Peter and Lewis. A solid-action packed novel from start to finish. One of my favorite series every year.

You can pick up The Breaker in stores now from Putnam.

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