Book Review: ‘The Bookshop Of The Broken Hearted’ Is A Look At Love And Loss Down Under

Australia in 1962 and Tom Hope is married to Trudy and living on a farm where he makes his living. Then one day she ups and leaves and tells him in a note. He is devastated. Then one day she returns and announces she’s pregnant and Tom is not the father. He agrees to help raise the baby named Peter. Then after he is born she announces she is leaving again and going to be with her mother and sister and devote herself to Jesus. Tom and Peter have a great relationship until five years later Trudy returns and says she is taking him. He has no rights so Peter is gone.

Years later in 1968 Tom meets Hannah who is Jewish and from Hungary, who’s opening a bookstore in town. He helps her out getting ready for the opening and they fall in love. They soon plan to get married. But there’s more to her than Tom knows at first. She had a son and was also in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. She still has scars from that time. And then Peter escapes from where he is and comes back to Tom and wants to stay with him. Hannah won’t hear of it and tells Tom to take him back. When Tom later learns Peter is being treated bad and Trudy wants him to have custody he finds out legally he can. But Hannah says not she will not help raise him.

Soon everyone is at at a crossroads and what they do next will impact the rest of their lives.

A great look at love, loss, tragedy and survival. A great setting, with well-written characters and a story that has you invested in these characters lives and you root for them to be happy.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Putnam.

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