Book Review: The Book ‘The Bridesmaids Union: A Novel’ By Jonathan Vatner

by | May 22, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Iria Hagarty is a single, struggling mother of Mason, who is five years old. She is also always a bridesmaid. In the last few years she has gone broke being a bridesmaid and having to see Bridezillas in action. She decides to make a secret Facebook site, The Bridesmaids Union, where she can vent along with others. When Iris is asked to be a bridesmaid, then maid of honor, for her sister Jasmine, it becomes to much. Her sister is marrying a rich man David and she’s being very over the top. It’s also obvious she and David will never last. She and David also develop a liking for each other. When the group becomes public, it causes Iris’s life to go crazy but also forces those involved in the group and her life to face certain facts and to help everyone move forward. This is a well-written novel, with quirky characters and LOL moments and just a fun novel to read. At it’s core it’s about family and how communication is the key in any relationship. A great summer read.

You can pick up The Bridesmaids Union in stores on Tuesday, June 14th from St. Martin’s Press.