Book Review: ‘The Book Of Hidden Wonders’ By Polly Crosby

Romilly Kemp lives in an old mansion with her eccentric father. Her mother has gone away somewhere but she doesn’t really know where. She has adopted a kitten she found and really has no friends. Her father decides to write a series of children’s books based on Romilly and her cat. They become a smash hit and soon Romilly can’t go anywhere because of fans being everywhere,

In the books her father has put in hidden clues alluding to a treasure somewhere on the estate where they live. People show up looking for it and all becomes overwhelming. Soon another little girl named Stacey shows up and they become best friends. They play from time to time.

Soon her father becomes more of a shut in and he later becomes sick and Romilly has to try and connect with him and the secrets that he has kept. She soon figures out the clues and what the treasure is and is shocked at what she finds and it turns her whole live upside down.

This book was hit and miss for me. It had it’s moments of wow and then other times I was a bit bored by it. The twists and turns you don’t see coming (midday through I figured one of them out) but was still by the end shocked at one of them (in a good way). Overall a solid novel by author Polly Crosby.

You can pick up The Book Of Hidden Wonders in stores on Tuesday, September 1st from Park Row.

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