Book Review: ‘The Book Charmer’ Is A Fun, Magical Summer Novel

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author Karen Hawkins is back with a fun, magical perfect summer novel that takes place in a small Southern town with interesting characters and a little magic. Two of which have emotional issues and what they need might be right in front of them.

Dove Pond is named after the Dove family who founded it many years ago. Ever since the family over the years has lived in the same house. The current Dove family has seven daughters which means magical things are going to happen. Sarah Dove since she was young has been an avid book reader. And the books talk to her. Today she is the town librarian and knows what books are perfect for each person that comes in looking for books or not looking for books she still knows. She also sees the town is in trouble and knows that someone is coming and will be the savior.

Grace and her sister Hannah grew up in the foster care system and finally found the right person to look after them in Mama G. Now years later Hannah has passed away and Grace is watching her daughter and having to take care of Mama G who has Alzheimer’s and it’s getting worse. They end up moving to Dove Pond and Grace gets a job at the mayor’s office. They live next door to Sarah and to Travis. Travis is still suffering from PTSD (his time in Afghanistan) and the loss of his father.

Grace is very driven to work, raise Daisy and take care of Mama G. She has a chip on her shoulder because of all she has to take care of. Sarah tries to friend her and Grace isn’t having it. As the days and weeks go on Grace takes charge of the town and lets them know things are bad. She comes up with a plan to try and save the town. In doing so she sees the people and place she lives and sees that there are good people here and she has to deal with what has happened and move forward as does Travis. What she ends up finding will change her life all because of a little magic and a book.

You can pick up The Book Charmer in stores on Tuesday, July 30th from Gallery Books.