Book Review: ‘The Blue Diamond: A Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery’ By Leonard Goldberg

Set in 1917 and for Joanna, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes and the Watsons it’s been a quiet time. Joanna is itching for a new case and when Inspector Lestrade shows up, it means something has happened. There’s been a series of robberies at the rich hotels in London and he wants her help in solving them. The Blue Diamond has been stolen and it must be found right away, as it’s to be given to King George V. This latest robbery involved the doorman getting hurt, the previous ones were done with no violence. Joanna soon figures out there’s a lot more going on than just the robberies, it could have something to do with the War and the Germans. She must act fast and stay alive in the process of solving this mystery. This is another fun book in the series. I love the characters and how well-written they are. Fans of the series will be happy with this one.

You can pick up The Blue Diamond in stores now fom Minotaur.

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