Book Review: ‘The Binding Room: An Inspector Anjelica Henley Thriller’ By Nadine Matheson

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Detective Angelica Henley is called to a church and finds the dead body of preacher and then finds a man tortured but still alive in a secret room in the church. And just as she ramping up the investigation, another body is found. With the media and her own boss demanding answers, Anjelica and her partner need to find answers fast. And on top of that she’s still suffering from the loss of her mom, as the one year anniversary of her death is fast approaching. And someone doesn’t want her to get close to figuring out who is responsible and if she doesn’t solve this case quickly, she could be the next victim. A thrilling story that starts out strong and never lets up. It’s well-written characters, both from a professional and personal stand-point, bring more tension to the story. Fans of thrillers will like this novel.

You can pick up The Binding Room in stores on Tuesday, July 12th from Hanover Square Press.