Book Review: ‘The Beast’s Heart’ Is A Great Look At The Classic Story From The Point Of View Of The Beast

I think everyone is familiar with the classic story of Beauty and The Beast. It’s a childhood classic and has been made into movies and a TV show. Now author Leife Shallcross has taken the story and written a new version from the viewpoint of the Beast. He has been around for a long time in isolation every since he’s been cursed by a fairy. He’s in the forest and no one dares go there because of the rumors. All the animals have left and he is truly alone.

He returns to his run down castle where he grew up with he Grandmother. His mother died young and his father was a horrible man and his hatred for him is what caused his curse. His castle is infused with magic and things just show up or appear when he wants them. One night he spots a man on a horse at the castle. He’s intrigued why this man has appeared. He offers him a room for the night with food and clean clothes. He peeks into his thoughts and learns he has three daughters and likes his youngest girl Isabeau. He makes a deal with the man that he send his youngest daughter to live with him for a year in exchange for allowing him to leave (the man thought he was going to be killed but he wasn’t).

One month later Isabeau arrived and said she would stay for a year and wasn’t afraid of the Beast. He was happy and took things slow with her. He soon found himself becoming happy. He also got a visit from the fairy who cursed him and she told him his curse would end if he could get Isabeau to marry him. He asked her many times but she said no. They had they disagreements but got along well. He was falling in love with her but kept getting a no when she asked.

He was also able to watch her family and see what they were up to but didn’t tell her he was doing it. As their time is coming to an end, he offers to release her early to go to her family as one of her sisters is getting married. She vows to come back and finish her time with him. Will she return and will she finally understand her feelings and what she wants her future to be?

A touching, magical love story about the power of love and how it can redeem a man’s bleak heart. Telling the story from the Beast’s point of view adds to the layer of the story. I had to keep reading along to see what would happen. It’s one of those stories you want to keep reading and you root big time for the Beast to win his beauty.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from Ace Trade Paperback.

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