Book Review: ‘The Backup Plan: A Sunrise Cove Novel’ By Jill Shalvis

After Eleanor dies, Alice, Lauren and Knox inherit her the Wild West Lance Chance B&B and for Alice and Knox it means returning to Sunrise Cove and their pasts they thought they left behind. All three of them have ties to the inn and according to the will they have to agree on things. She was in the process of renovating the inn when she died. Now the three of them have to work together and try and put their pasts behind them. Alice and Lauren where best friends until her brother Will died four years ago. Alice also had the hots for Knox growing up. They are giving it one month to renovate and reopen the inn. They make a list of rules to follow, that mostly get broken. Along the way they confront their pasts and maybe even fall in love. This inn is could be the way for them to all move forward. This is another great novel in the Sunrise Cove series. Well-written characters and story you get invovled in. Jill Shalive once again shows whey she is so good at writing these novels.

You can pick up The Backup Plan in stores on Tuesday, January 17th from Avon.

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