Book Review: ‘The Awoken: A Novel’ By Katelyn Monroe Howes

The debut novel from auton Howes is really good. She’s written a story that could be something that happens in the future and makes you really think about the way times are today and rights being taken away. If you’re a fan of dystopian thrillers, this book is for you. At 23 years-old Albine Rivers was very ill from cancer. She was cryogenicly frozen and now 101 years later she’s been woken up and told there’s a cure. But this is a different world and the leaders and most people don’t want anyone woken up anymore, they’re to be killed and the secret plants keeping people alive to be destroyed. Albine also learns that her boyfriend Max was also frozen, she makes it her mission to find him and wake him up. She joins up with rebellion groups and tries to get the word about what the government is secretly doing and it becomes a battle being those wanting these people killed and Albine and her revolution groups to stay alive. A great August thriller and a promosing start to Howes writing career.

You can pick up The Awoken in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Dutton.

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