Book Review: ‘The Astronaut And The Star: A Rom-Com Novel’ By Jen Comfort

The debut novel from author Jen Confort is a great rom-com. An austronaut with issues and a B-list male actor work together on a new project and they fall for each other, in this well-written, fun novel. If you’re a fan of romantic novels, this is for you. Regina Hayes aka Reggie wants to be the first female austronaut on the moon. But a bad media interview may tank her. Looking to do something to rehab her image, she volunteers to train actor Jon Leo for his upcoming role in a new space movie. For Jon this could be the big break he’s looking for getting to work with a top director. Jon is a really nice, fun guy, who seems a little dopey at times. He and Reggie get along okay and spend a lot of time together. He is very attracted to her and is hitting on her and despite herself is also interested in him but knows her career comes first and doesn’t want to get involved with him. They come to a decision to be friends with benefits for the last few weeks of working together and mind-blowing sex (and Jen Comofort can really write some steamy scenes) but you know how these things go. They both want more bu Reggie is committed to trying to go to the moon. After some family adventures they go their own ways but soon realize being apart is worse than being together. The only question is it too late?

You can pick up The Astronaut And The Star in stores on Tuesday, March 1st.

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