Book Review: ‘The Art Of Deception: A Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery’ By Leonard Goldberg

Book four in the Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes series finds Joanna and the Watson men involved with finding someone that is breaking in to museums and people’s houses and stealing artwork of women and slashing them. Scotland Yard frustrated at not being able to find this person enlists the gang to help catch the culprit.

Joanna soon figures out that something valuable is hidden behind a portrait and someone is looking for it to sell on the black market. She soon figures out who the person might be that’s doing it. Only problem is the person is dead. Or is the person dead?

Joanna uses everything she learned from her father Sherlock Holmes and puts all the pieces together. The closer they get to catching the person puts their lives in danger and a plan is hatched to catch the person once and for all.

Another fun Daughter of Sherlock Holmes novel from author Leonard Goldberg. Joanna and the Watson men are really well written-characters and the stories are always fun to read and see what Joanna will do with clues and solving of cases. A fun summer read.

You can pick up The Art Of Deception in stores on Tuesday, June 16th from Minotaur Books.

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