Book Review: ‘The Apology Project: A Novel’ By Jeanette Escudero

For Amelia Montgomery her life is about to change in a big way. She’s a big time lawyer at a Chicago law firm. They have a big case defending a rich executive of sexual harrassment. She refuses to give the defense her bosses want and after one too many insult she punches one of them in the nose. She’s fired but gets a big check for keeping quiet and not pressing any charges against them for harrassment. She also has to sign an NDA, so no one knows the truth. She just said she has retired. She also doesn’t have a lot of friends. For her 40th birthday party no one but family shows up and a man named John from her form law firm. They get really drunk and spend the night and he suggests that maybe she needs to change things and say sorry to people for how she treated them. She makes a list and starts to do that. And she reconects with some old friends and she and John get closer. But he still works for that firm and she’s not happy about things she sees and hears about what’s going on there. Then she finds out John never told her something and it changes everything between them or has it?

This is a really fun part rom-com with an interesting plot. Have you ever considered saying sorry to someone for something you did? It makes you think and it’s also a good story with Amelia and John and how their relationship goes along. You root for these two and hope that Amelia can be the person she should have been all along. A great book to bring to the beach or to the pool and read!

You can pick up The Apology Project in stores on Tuesday, August 1st.

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