Book Review: ‘The Anglophile’s Notebook: A Novel’ By Sunday Taylor

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

For Claire Easton her life is about to take a major change. She’s off to England to interview an author and start work on a book about Charlotte Bronte. She leaves her musician husband Ben in LA, as he’s about to go on a major tour. She stars her research and meets interesting people that all are fans of the Brontes or might have information to help her. She soon learns her husband has fallen off the wagon and has been having affairs. She decides to end her marriage and is in England more now working on her book and her personal life. She’s met a new man that owns a bookstore and is a fan of the Brontes as well and has real interest in her. It’s a new beginning for Claire and soon finds out that Charlotte had an interesting life but so did she. A bombshell secret will change her life as will her relationship with her new man.

If you’re a fan of the Brontes this book has a lot of interesting information about the famous family. The settings work perfectly and make you want to take a trip to England to see all the places that Claire visits in regards to the family. Add in her personal drama and her resetting her life and you have a solid novel.

You can pick up The Anglophile’s Notebook in stores now.