Book Review: ‘The Angel’s Share’ Is The Next Fun Wine Country Mystery From Ellen Crosby

Mary Higgins Clarke Award-nominated author Ellen Crosby is back with her newest Wine Country Mystery. Once again Lucie Montgomery is in the thick of things. While attending a party at the house of billionaire Prescott Avery at Hawthorne Castle, Lucie finds herself with an offer to buy some priceless Maderia wine and also learns shocking things about her father, her family and sees the wealth of Prescott and learns information about him and that he’s going to announce a big secret from many years ago.

They meet in private in his underground wine cellar. She tells him she knows nothing about the priceless Maderia wine and she leaves him to return to Quinn and the party. She forgot her phone and they return to find it and find Prescott dead. At first it seems like an accident but then it’s found to be murder. Prescott’s family are the main suspects as he was going to sell their newspaper and other things, that the family did not want him to do.

Lucie is curious what Prescott might have been hiding and also learns of a secret safe deposit box her late father had. She gets the contents but it leaves more questions. She soon discovers that the secrets could go all the way back to the founding fathers with a tie to William Shakespeare himself. Of course Lucie digging puts herself in danger and she soon finds the secrets she’s been searching for and even the wine. Will she survive to tell everyone what she has found?

Another fun book by Ellen in her Wine Country series. Both historically and a furthering of the story of Lucie and her financee Quinn. It’s a good look at the wine industry as well and readers that read this series learn a lot about how the industry works, from making wine, to bottling to selling. A fun series to follow indeed.

You can pick up The Angel’s Share in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Minotaur.

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