Book Review: ‘The Ancestor: A Novel’ By Danielle Trussoni

Alberta ‘Bert’ Monte’s live is about to change in a big way. She gets a letter addressed to Countess Alberta Montebianco and it says she is the heir to the family’s estate in Italy. She doesn’t believe this at first but soon learns because of a DNA test she had done that she is in fact the last member of the family. She has inherited money and castles and most fly to Italy to claim everything.

She’s flown over on a private jet with her husband (they have been separated for a while) but now seem to be back on track until a big fight and he takes off. She goes to her family castle where things are kind of creepy. She soon learns that the family has a mysterious dark side to it and she’s expected to continue the legacy of the family in all regards. Family secrets are revealed via a journal and what Bert learns is shocking and it could cost her her live.

A thrilling novel from the beginning that takes the reader on a ride with twists and turns that lead to the reveal of the story and the history of the family. One of the best books of this spring.

You can pick up The Ancestor in stores on Tuesday, April 7th.

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