Book Review: ‘The Amazing Adventures Of Aaron Broom: A Novel’ Is A Delightful Book For The Whole Family

Aaron Broom is almost 13 years old and you would think he was 30. He’s a very smart kid who in the last few years has been dealt bad situations. It’s the depression in St. Louis (well towards the end of it). His dad lost all their money when the bank went out of business. His mother has consumption and is in sanatorium. His dad can’t find work and owes money to everyone. He has a job now as a traveling watch salesman. As he arrives for his three o’clock appointment another man follows him in and robs the place and shoots someone. Aaron witnesses from the outside and sees his dad being arrested.

Aaron will not stand for this. On his own now he decides the only way he can help his dad is to find the guilty man. He takes to the streets and enlists another teen named Augie who sells newspapers. Together they investigate and come up with clues and overhear conversations that could potentially free his dad. He has been spotted and given a warning to back off. Aaron won’t be deterred and soon he is able to get a lawyer and try to get his dad freed. It’s the ultimate courtroom smackdown with plenty of LOL moments.

Just a delightful read with an awesome character in Aaron Broom. It reminded me of when I read The Hardy Boys growing up. Aaron will not be stopped and his love for his family is his driving force. It’s also a great look at St. Louis and the times of the depression when people lost everything and had to struggle to survive.

Author A. E. Hotchner has quite the resume. He co-founded Newman’s Own with Paul Newman, written some cool celebrity biographies and written the best selling book Papa Hemingway based on his friendship with Hemingway. Now he can add a very good, kid-friendly book to his resume. This is perfect for the whole family or that youngster looking for something to read. I would love to see more Aaron Boone adventures in the future.

You can pick up The Amazing Adventures Of Aaron Broom: A Novel in stores on Tuesday, July 10 from Doubleday.

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