Book Review: ‘The Adults’ Is A Twist Filled Novel

The story starts off with a mystery. Someone has been hurt and we don’t know who or who did it. They we get the story leading up to it and the reveal and who did it. We also along the way get witness statements from anyone that was remotely around the situation. Make sure to pay attention to the players and the story as there are lots of twists and turns leading up to the shocking finale.

Four adults and a child go away for a Christmas vacation. Nothing wrong with that except it is two couples that are exes with their new spouses and the child of the couple that are exes. Understand that? Claire and Matt are the exes with the kid. They each bring their new mates Patrick with Claire and Alex with Matt. And little Scarlett who is seven and has an imaginary rabbit named Posey. They have all been friendly but Alex knows this is a bad idea. The other three think they can get through the holiday.

As their time together goes on it’s not going good. Fights happen, words are exchanged and someone gets hurt. Whether it was on purpose or not is too be determined. What does happen by the time this fiasco ends no ones lives will be the same again.

A great debut novel from Caroline Hulse that looks at family, relationships and how the needs of a child should come first. There are some lol moments as well. And who didn’t have an imaginary friend when we were growing up. Scarlett and Posey are great make the story.

Read for yourself when the book comes out on Tuesday, November 27th. You won’t regret it.

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