Book Review: ‘The Accomplice: A Novel’ By Lisa Lutz

The year is 2002 and Owen Mann and Luna Grey have become fast friends at Markham University, where they’re attending college. They both keep to themselves a lot and both have secrets. Fast forward to 2019 and Owen is married to Irene and Luna to Sam and they live close by. Owen and Luna are still best-friends (and it’s always been platonic). When Irene is found dead by gunshots by Luna, as she prepares to go on a run (they sometimes run together), it opens up a whole can of worms. Owen is at first suspected but there’s a list of potential suspects and the police investigate. It opens up secrets from the past, including another death from the college days and Luna’s secrets. The story shifts between now and then and we learn histories of Luna and Owen and shocking secrets, leading up to who killed Irene. Another solid story from Lisa Lutz, with well-written characters (some a bit quirky), interesting secrets and well-timed twists and turns to keep you engaged.

You can pick up The Accomplice in stores on Tuesday, January 25th from Ballantine Books.

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