Book Review: ‘The Abduction Of Pretty Penny: A Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery’ By Leonard Goldberg

Joanna Watson, her husband John Watson Jr. and his father Watson (the old friend of Sherlock Holmes) are hired to find the actress known as Pretty Penny. She’s been playing Juliet and in a new stage production of Romeo & Juliet at the White Chapel Playhouse. She rose to be the star after a life on the streets and has agens calling to sign her. One night she vanished and hasn’t been seen since. There’s a rumor about a secret lover and Joanna is chasing down every lead. Soon bodies of prostitues start showing up and it’s feared Jack The Ripper is back after 28 years or a copycat. The Ripper taunts them throughout and even sends a warning by kidnapping their son Johnny, who escapes but Penny is still missing. Joanna comes up with a dangerous plan that could change everything and not for the better.

Another solid Joanna Watson mystery from author Leonard Goldberg. These novels are always so much fun to read and he never disappoints with story or characters. A perfect summer read.

You can pick up The Abduction Of Pretty Penny in stores on Tuesday, June 15th from Minotaur.

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