Book Review: ‘The A List’ Is The Next Thrilling Ali Reynolds Novel

J.A. Jance is back with book number 14 in her Ali Reynolds series. Haven’t read quite a few of them I can say this may be the best one yet. We learn about Ali’s past before meeting B, her previous marriages and her child and it’s nice to know all her backstory.

This book takes place starting in 2013 when prisoner # 74506 (Dr. Edward Gilchrist) enters prison for life. He is not happy about this and pledges those he feel are responsible for him being in prison will pay for it with their lives. That includes one Ali Reynolds. The book goes back many years and we learn about Edward’s clinic for those who have trouble conceiving children. It is a sperm bank and the business is doing well. Then years later when one of the women that has used his clinic comes looking for information on the man who donated.

It sets off a change reaction and we learn that the Dr. was the primary sperm donor but his then wife and himself made up false identities. One of the children Evan has a kidney condition and his mother goes to Ali, who is a news anchor in 2003 with her story and she goes public looking for a donor. When another person that was conceived by the sperm comes forward they discovered what Edward did. They can sue him because of statue limits but a class-action lawsuit is initiated. With the help of his rich mother, Edward beats it. He is pissed that his ex-wife was going to testify so he had her killed and the person that did it ended up turning on Edward and he’s put away for life.

When he gets to prison he meets the prisoner who can help with him with his plan and with his mother’s backing things start in motion. We see how things play out over the years until present day and if not for AI Frigg (who played a major part in the past couple of books) his plan may just succeed in taking out everyone including Ali.

Ali Reynolds and the cast of characters in this series are some of the best being written today. I look forward every year to the next book and author J.A. Jance never disappoints the reader. Feel free to jump in with this book with all the backstory on Ali it’s a perfect time to start reading the story.

It’s available in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from Gallery Books.

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