Book Review: ‘That Summer In Maine: A Novel’ By Brianna Wolfson

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Jane and Susie have never met but they have one thing in common, the daughters they have are fathered by the same man. It was about 16 years ago in Maine. Jane was with Silas and then he hooked up with Susie. Each became pregnant and Silas never knew until a few years ago.

Eve has found Hazel online and they discover they look alike and must be sisters. It is confirmed and Eve is going to Maine to visit Silas and wants Hazel to go along. Jane doesn’t really want Hazel to go but relents and lets her go. We soon learn the backstory on the two ladies and how Silas came in and out of their lives.

Eve and Hazel seem to be having a good time with Silas but we soon learn the motivation for one of them being there and it leads to truths being told and their lives forever being different.

A solid summer read with emotional twists and turns as everyone must face the past and move forward with their futures.

You can pick up That Summer In Maine in stores now.