Book Review: ‘That Old Scoundrel Death’ Is The Next Fun Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mystery

My first time reading one of author Bill Crider’s Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mystery books and I am hooked. Set in a small Texas town with the Sheriff leading a pack of workers (Hawk and Lawton) that will have you laughing out loud with their bickering and a funny PI named Seepy. The people that live in this small town are not all that bright either and it makes for a really fun read. Especially Dan and his wife Ivy, who have two dogs (Speedo and Yancy who Dan really loves) and two cats (that could care less about Dan), and Ivy is the one who rules the household. More LOL moments from them with Ivy trying to keep Dan healthy with her cooking and Dan eating unhealthy whenever he can. Just great stuff.

The story centers around the murder of a newcomer to town who claims he’s here to try and save the old broken down school that is being torn down and replaced. Some residents want it saved while others want it gone. He is found shot to death in the school and now Dan has to investigate and figure out who is the killer. He has many suspects but not sure who might have done it. When he finally gets the clues he needs it leads to a climatic showdown. And the cliffhanger ending of will Dan run for Sheriff again in the next election. Everyone wants him to but he’s not sure.

And in a funny twist in the author notes he even says he hopes Dan will run for reelection! As the author I believe he will be the first one to know.

Highly recommended to read this and if I had time I would go back and read the previous novels. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 19th from Minotaur Books.

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