Book Review: ‘Terns Of Endearment’ Is The Next Fun Meg Langslow Mystery

Donna Andrews is back with book number 25 in her Meg Langslow series. This time Meg and her family (16 people) are aboard a cruise ship the Pastime (a new cruise line) where her father will be guest speaking the whole time. Right from the beginning things don’t seem right. The boat on the first night stops in the middle of the ocean on its way to Bermuda. It has lost power. The staff is working on it.

The first night Meg meets four authors, who have written well known novels, aboard to share the memory of their late friend and author Nancy. They also see another famous author Desiree, who is a diva and who they hate with a passion. They believe it was because of her that Nancy died (they explain why in the story). So the power is out and the next morning a woman has jumped overboard, an apparent suicide. The crew refuses to investigate so Meg, her grandfather and Horace are on the scene.

Was it one of the writers who did it? Will Meg and the gang be able to figure out what happened before they arrive anywhere? Will they ever arrive anywhere?

If you’ve never read a Meg Langslow novel you should. Meg is a great character and the supporting characters as well are well-written and the stories are a lot of fun to read.

You can pick up Terns Of Endearment in stores Tuesday, August 6th from Minotaur Books.

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