Book Review: ‘Tender Is The Bite: A Chet And Bernie Mystery’ By Spencer Quinn

If you’re a dog lover you will love this book. If you’re not a dog lover you will love this book. If you like a book where it’s told by the point of vier of a dog you will love this book. If you’re a fan of fun mysteries you will love this book. There’s nothing to not love about this book.

Book number 11 in the series (and my first time reading one) finds Chet and Bernie, of the Little Detective Agency, being followed as they drive in the Porsche (yes Chet gets to ride in style in a convertable). Bernie manages to become the one following the car and it’s has a beautiful woman named Mavis driving. She’s ready to talk until she sees a bumber sticker for Senator Wray and she flees. So Bernie decides to start an investigation, even though no one has hired him. And then dead bodies pile up. And they’re on to some sort of scheme going down that involves the Senator, Mavis, her friend and the local police. Bernie and Chet’s lifes are in danger many times and this could be the end. Told in the voice of Chet and with lots of LOL moments, it’s not to be missed.

You can pick up Tender Is The Bite in stores on Tuesday, July 6th from Forge.

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