Book Review: ‘Tell Me Everything’ Is A Great, Deadly Debut Novel With Lots Of Twists

It’s sophomore week at Hawthorne College in Maine and six people will become friends and it will forever change their lives. By the time they graduate one of them will be dead. Malin, Rose, John, Max, Khaled and Gemma form a group and are inseparable. By their second year Khaled’s parents (who are rulers in middle eastern country) have bought a big house and they all live together. John and Rose have become a couple and Max is secretly in love with Rose. They all party, hangout and share their lives.

But no one is who they seem to be. Each of them have their own secrets and insecurities. Some are bigger than others. One of them doesn’t like how another is being treated and plots a death of one of them. This one person is deemed to be the most perfect of all of them but we learn that is not true. Deep secrets from childhood plague and take over and there’s nothing that can do to stop what must be done.

The story is told in different time periods. From the first day they arrive at college thru their senior year and the childhood of one of them, where we learn how this person became they way are now.

This review is a little cryptic so as not to give out spoilers. Once you start reading it does become obvious who the ringleader is. The story has some many twists and dark turns you won’t want to put it down. The alternating time chapters really enhance the story and build the characters to the stunning climax with a twist you won’t see coming.

This is author Cambria Brockman’s debut thriller and it’s highly recommended. She keeps up with more novels like this and she will be a force to look forward to in the years to come.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, July 16 from Ballantine.

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