Book Review: ‘Tell It To Me Singing: A Novel’ By Tita Ramirez

by | Jun 23, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, July 9th. CLick on the link to buy a copy.

Monica Campo is six months pregnant and engaged to Robert, who she loves, but is not in love with. Her true love is Manny, but he kept re-enlisting in the army, so she broke up with him. Her mother Mirta is in the hospital for a heart issue and right before surgery, drugged up, she makes a confession to Monica, her father is Juan, not Roberto, her husband, and Monica’s dad. She has never heard of this man, Juan, and wonders if it was just the drugs talking. With Manny back now because of her mother, Monica’s life is in shambles. She tries to get the truth out of her mother, has to decide which man she wants to be with, and goes on a dangerous trip to save her mother and try and find Juan. Via flashback chapters, we learn about Mirta’s life in Cuba and with Juan, and just what their true story is. This is a well-written, character-driven novel, that keeps you engaged throughout the novel. This is one you don’t want to put down.