Book Review: ‘Targeted: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel’ By Stephen Hunter

After a newspaper reporter publishes a story about Bob Lee Swagger and his take-down of Juba the sniper in the 2019 novel titled Game Of Snipers, it catches the eyes of Congress and an investigation is opened by the House and it’s hard-nosed leader and a hearing scheduled with Bob to testify. The hearing is held in Boise, Idaho to accomidate Bob and he gets help from Nick’s wife as his lead counsel. Bob is doing well in his testimony until it’s brought up he used an a bullet that was not government approved yet (it has since been) and it looks like he may be charged with wanton endangerment for how he acted during the take-down. Before any vote can be taken, a bus crashes into the building and contains five Russian escaped convicts, who hold the House members and other hostage. Nick manages to escape and leads the FBI force. Bob is still inside and is being left alone but it’s Bob Lee Swagger and no one is safe with him around. On top of that there’s a hit-squad after these Russians and it all leads to chaos, an intense stand-off and Bob Lee Swagger being Bob Lee Swagger trying to save the lives of the innocent and taking the bad guys down. This is another great novel in the series, which starts off a bit slow but once it gets going it’s all action and you won’t want to put it down. This book may be one of the 10 best action-thrillers of the year.

You can pick up Targeted in stores on Tuesday, January 18th from Atria.

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