Book Review: ‘Take A Hint, Dani Brown: A Novel’ By Talia Hibbert

Author Talia Hibbert is back with the follow up to her awesome novel Get A Life, Chloe Brown, with the second book in the Brown sisters series. This time she writes about the middle sister Dani and her issues and look for an F-buddy and how complicated it gets.

Dani has stopped seeing her present F-buddy after she got to close. She just wants to be able to get laid now and then with no strings or relationships. They don’t work for her. She has had a flirtation going with the security guard Zafir at the school she works at. He’s an ex-rugby player who has issues of his own. They are friends and flirt and Dani wonders what sex with him would be like. She is going to make it her goal at some point.

One day during a mock drill Dani gets stuck in an elevator and Zafir rescues her and carries her out of the building. Someone gets it on tape and it goes viral. Zafir who runs his own sports charity asks Dani to pretend they’re a couple to help get donations and promote his charity. She agrees and they start their act. Soon it starts to get a bit more than either bargained for. They decide to become F_buddies with conditions. The sex is hot and these things never can be just about the sex.

Soon there are real feelings and it throws Dani for a loop. Just when she’s ready to commit to a real relationship something is said that throws her for a loop and she ends things with Zafir. She soon realizes she doesn’t want it to be over and must overcome her fears and try and make things right before it’s too late.

This is a great rom-com follow up to her first book. It’s filled with LOL moments, hot sex (you may need a cold shower after parts of it) and a well-written story with characters you root for. And she already has a third novel written focusing on the youngest sister to come out next year!

You can pick up Take A Hint, Dani Brown in stores on Tuesday, June 23.

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