Book Review: ‘Swift Vengeance’ Is The Next Exciting Roland Ford Thriller

Author T. Jefferson Parker is back with his second thriller featuring Roland Ford. Last year the first one The Room Of White Fire was one of my favorite books of the year. Now his second adventure with Roland and his gang of misfits that live on his estate are back for another page-turning thriller. Roland is a great character that is still mourning his wife who died a few years ago in a plane crash. He has a heart of gold when it comes to his friends and family and will put his life on the line to save them. I am so happy that this series has continued and hopefully will have many more in the future.

Roland Ford this time out is helping his friend Lindsey who has had her personal demons the last few years and is getting herself together in hopes of getting more time with her nine year old son. She has gotten a threatening letter. Roland (who is a former cop and now a P.I.) is trying to help her figure out what it is about. He goes to his FBI friend Joan and they start investigating. When a few bodies turn up dead and beheaded it’s figured that it has something to do with a CIA drone team that caused a serious accidental killing a few years ago in Syria. The people associated with it are being targeted including Lindsey by a mysterious person named Caliphornia.

As Roland and Joan investigate they find out who it is and set up a trap that backfires and it leads to an ultimate showdown that could have deadly consequences for everyone in Roland’s life.

You can pick up Swift Vengeance in stores on Tuesday, August 21st from G.P. Putnam Sons.

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