Book Review: ‘Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous: A Novel’ By Suzanne Park

Sunny Song is 17 years-old and close to graduating High School. She’s big into social media and has quite a few followers on her different channels and makes some money doing it. It latest video was a little to much and she ended up trending with the hashtag #BrownieGate and #Brownieporn when she didn’t shut her camera off and it caught her in her bra in the kitchen. Her parents and school were furious and her phone taken away and she’s sent to Iowa to a ‘digital detox camp’ for one month. She doesn’t want to go or give up her social channels but has no choice. She makes new friends and meets Theo, whose family owns the camp. She learns there’s more to life than social media and by the end of the month has big decisions to make about her future. This is a solid novel about how social media can be dangerous without being preachy. Following Sunny along on her month long stint is enlighting and you root for her to understand there’s more to life than being online. A good novel for young adults that are addicted to social media.

You can pick up Sonny Song Will Never Be Famous in stores on Tuesday, June 1st.

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