Book Review: ‘Summer On The River: A Novel’ By Marcia Willett Is A Great Summer Read

A family secret, a divorce, a forbidden love, a son wanting revenge for his mother and a wife wanting her husband to get what she thinks he deserves from his family. All this and more set in Dartmouth, England on the water is the basis for this great new novel by Marcia Willet.

Evie (famous author Evelyn Drake) is the center character who owns a house that should rightfully not be hers. It should have went to Charlie (who’s married to Ange). Evie was a mistress and then married to Thomas, who owned the house. He left it to her so she would be secure after he was gone. She later found a family secret that threw her for a loop. Meanwhile Benj is getting a divorce and comes and lives in the house (Evie lives in the boathouse). His look a like cousin Charlie is married to Ange but meets a woman while in town and they are smitten with each other but know it can never be. Jason sees Evie while in town and wants revenge on her for what she did to his mother.

As the summer comes to an end and fall and the holidays approach everyone will have decisions to make that will affect everyone else. Will it all work out for everyone?

A great group of characters with overlapping stories that involve all the characters make for an enjoyable novel. No shocking deaths or plot twists, just straight forward people with everyday problems. A great read to take to the beach or lake during the dog days of summer.

You can pick up Summer On The River on Tuesday, August 7 from St. Martin’s Press.

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