Book Review: ‘Summer Of ’69’ By Elin Hilderbrand Is A Great Novel About One Families Summer

Author Elin Hilderbrand is back with a great summer beach read novel. It follows one families summer vacation on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The Levin family every year goes to stay in Nantucket at the home of the matriarch of the family. This summer of 1969 things are a bit different.

Kate the mother is worried about her only son Tiger, who has been drafted and sent to the war in Vietnam. She’s drinking way too much these days. Her husband David has a lot of work and is trying to make it on the weekends. Her oldest daughter Blair is pregnant and due by the end of the summer. She’s also having issues with her husband Angus and ends up fleeing to the island after a big fight. Her next daughter Kirby (who is 21( has decided she wants to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer and has gotten a job there. She’s a bit of a trouble maker but they allow her to go. Youngest daughter Jessie has just turned 13 and really doesn’t want to go away for the summer. She’s not crazy about her overbearing Grandmother. She’s also a teen with teen issues.

The book follows the family through the summer months. There’s not major twists and turns just family drama throughout the summer with each character. The story being set in 1969 allows Elin to use the events of that time period to great use as part of the story. The family is tight but has lots of issues like almost any family does. It’s a perfect summer beach read.

You can pick up Summer Of ’69 in stores on Tuesday, June 18 from Little Brown.

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