Book Review: ‘Summer Hours’ By Amy Mason Doan

Becc, Eric and Serra were best friends throughout high school. They would hangout all the time and Eric would stay at Becc’s house a lot. His parents divorced and his mom took up with a younger guy named Cal. Eric also was secretly in love with Becc and she was clueless about this. College cam calling and Becc won a prestigious scholarship to Berkley and she and Serra were roommates with Maggie. Eric went to school on the east coast and barely talks to Becc anymore. This was in 1994.

Now in 2008 Becc and a mystery man are driving up the California coast to Oregon for Serra’s wedding and there is tension between the two. They are barely talking and we learn throughout the book who he is and what is the deal between the two.

The book flashes back between the college years, the years after and today in the car on the way to the wedding. We learn all about Becc’s life (and a relationship she had), Eric’s time at college and his time back and what happens between him and Becc over the years. By the end of the novel things get decided one way finally.

A fun summer read set in Southern California with two interesting characters. The back and forth in the story works great and the reader clearly gets to know the characters and how they are where they are now.

You can pick up Summer Hours in stores on Tuesday, June 4th from Graydon House.

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