Book Review: ‘Such A Good Wife: A Novel’ By Seraphina Nova Glass

I can summarize the plot for the second book from author Seraphina Nova Glass like this. Woman has an affair with Luke…woman finds the Luke dead at his house…woman tries to hide her involvement with the man…woman ends up being blackmailed by someone that knew…woman again tries to cover her tracks. This is what happens to Melanie Hale, a mother of two and married to Collin. She will go any length to cover her tracks and when she learns the shocking truth about what happened to Luke and comes up with a plan to save the ones she cares about.

The first book from Seraphina titles Someone’s Listening was a great debut. This follow-up doesn’t match the first novel. It’s a solid, if not unspectacular novel, with some well placed twists but not enough twist to overcome a plot that has been done a lot of the years.

You can pick up Such A Good Wife in stores on Tuesday, August 10th from Graydon House.

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