Book Review: ‘Stroke Of Luck: An Erotic Novel’ By Opal Carew

I first read an Opal Carew book last year and interviewed her. Her books are highly erotic and graphic and really fun to read. They’re different from anything else out there for that reason. By the time you finish one of her books you’ll need a cold shower or two.

April Smith has it all right now. She’s in Las Vegas and about to be married to a very rich man. Then she finds him with another woman and has taken off. He has left her with the hotel bill, no money and no way to get home. As she is trying to figure this all out her ex-boyfriend Quinn (who is rich himself) happens to walk by as he is in Vegas as well. He was in love with her but she broke it off with him.

He pays her bill and is helping her for now. Then she finds out her ex has demanded everything back that he bought for her, takes her house and fires her from her job. Now she has to rely on Quinn even though she doesn’t want to. They come to an agreement. She will stay for the next month and will fulfill his every fantasy, which also involves his business partner and best friend Austin. It gets hot and heavy and soon feelings become involved and April will have to figure out her feelings for these two men and how her life will proceed from here.

You can pick up Stroke Of Love in stores on Tuesday, December 1st from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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