Book Review: ‘Striking Range: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery’ By Margaret Mizushima

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I love these K-9 mystery novels featuring Mattie and her K-9 police dog Robo. There smartly written and a lot of fun. And it has dogs and other animals, which is always a plus. And in this book we get a lot of answers on Mattie’s past and still some unanswered. For Mattie it’s time to ask some questions of John Cobb in prison on what happened 30 years ago with her father. Before they can talk to him all hell breaks loose at the prison and John is dead. She finds a book on Timber Creek County with a bunch of X’s drawn. So she visits the spots and finds a bag of drugs. Also a body a body is found. Then a body of a young girl who was pregnant yesterday but today and no sign of her body. Then one of her fellow officers is run down. Things are getting way out of control and Mattie and the rest of the police force are on the case and it soon leads to a dramatic showdown on the mountain, in the snow and lives at risk. And on top of that Robo is now a dad of 8 puppies and Mattie gets asked a question. It all adds up to another great novel in the series.

You can pick up Striking Range in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from Crooked Lane.