Book Review: ‘Strike Me Down: A Novel’ By Mindy Mejia

The novel from author Mindy Mejia (Leave No Trace) is set in the world of MMA and forensic accounting. A twisty tale of murder, embezzlement, lies and betrayal. A thriller you will start and not want to put down with two strong female characters.

Nora Trier is a CPA and has worked in the business for years. She was a whistle-blower on a big company many years ago and then got a job with a Minneapolis firm that investigates and goes deep on companies that suspect fraud. She’s good at her job.

Then Strike shows up at the office. She’s a member of the gym run by the bad-ass MMA/Kickfighter female fighter Logan Russo and her husband Gregg Abbott. They have been together 20 years and a billion-dollar successful business, that they each own 50 percent of. They have a huge event planned in town and are looking for a new face for the company. Logan has been but now is ready for someone else. They have announced $20 million in prize money. One problem is the money is missing.

Gregg hires the company to try and find the money ASAP. They don’t have any other money to cover this contest now that the money is missing. Nora is assigned to oversee this (even though she may have some connections that should disqualify her). She takes the case and she and her team begin their investigation. It leads to shocking findings, revelations, murder and a cat and mouse game of really who has the money and who is trying to set who up and who will survive when the truth comes out.

You can pick up Strike Me Down in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from Atria.

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