Book Review: ‘Stone Cold Heart’ Is The Next Thrilling Cat Kinsella Novel

Detective Constable Cat Kinsella is back in her second book. She is teamed with Luigi Parnell and they are on the case of murdered twenty-three year old Naomi Lockhart who is in England from Australia. She’s found dead at her house after a party at her bosses house. She is found by her flatmate Marcus.

They are being ridden hard by their tough boss DI Kate Steele and it seems to point to local coffee shop owner Joseph Madden. He is not the only one that is under suspicion and as they investigate they find that the any of the people are Naomi could be the killer and find more and more that people are not being honest and there is more to everyone than they thought.

On top of that Cat is keeping a secret romance and having to deal with a an old friend of her dad’s who is making her life difficult. They keep investigating until it leads to the person responsible for the crime.

This is book number two with Cat (I didn’t read the first book). I found the characters like-able and it is a standard mystery you read all the time. If you’re looking for a new series with new characters you can’t go wrong with this novel.

You can pick up Stone Cold Heart in stores on Tuesday, July 2nd from Harper.

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