Book Review: ‘Still Me’ Is The Next Outstanding Chapter To Louisa Clark’s Story From Jojo Moyes

Oh Jojo Moyes how you can write a great story. The latest chapter of Louisa Clark hits all the right notes, from genuine happiness to overwhelming sadness (and yes I will admit to crying a few times). Jojo takes the reader on a ride (and oh what a ride). If you’re a fan of Me Before You and After You, then run (don’t walk) to the book store or Amazon or wherever you get your books on Tuesday, January 30th and get this book!

Louisa Clark takes a job in New Your City as the assistant of Agnes Gopnik, the second and much younger wife of Leonard Gopnik, a rich older man. They are in high society of New York City. Louisa’s job is to be Agnes’s side everyday and make sure she gets to her appointments and does what she needs to do. Ready for a one year change and commitment, she leaves her boyfriend Sam and her family and makes the move (knowing it’s something Will would have wanted her to do).

She and Sam are going to do a long distant relationship, knowing it will be hard. Louisa arrives in New York and is blown away by how it is. She starts her job and soon is swept up into New York society. She’s going to glamorous balls, wearing expensive gowns and living the high life. She’s also missing Sam and her family and there’s lot of e-mails and phone calls. Sam comes to visit and notices changes in her. And it doesn’t help Louisa has met a man that looks just like Will. And that has gotten a hot new partner at his job.

Soon issues arise between them and also things happen at Louisa’s job. Everything that she had planned for the year she is in New York has suddenly changed and now she has to dig deep inside herself and rely on what Will use to tell her to find out exactly who she is and what she wants.

Jojo looks deep inside of Louisa and what she comes out with in this story is growth and finally a chance for Louisa to be her own person. Not sure if this is the last chapter of the story and if it is goes out a high note for someone we have rooted for since the day she met Will.

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