Book Review: ‘Stealth’ Is The Next Fun Stone Barrington Novel By Stuart Woods

For book number 51 in the Stone Barrington series Stone is in England and most of the novel takes place there. Stone is on vacation and for the first time in a while he is by himself (no woman with him). That of course doesn’t last long this being Stone. And there’s Dame Felicity next door. She comes for dinner (with her toothbrush) and brings guests. Next thing Stone knows is that he is doing an a week long boot training camp in the Scottish Highlands (an M-6 training site) and then he will drive back Felicity’s car, which is there. On his way home after the camp he crashes the car and ends up almost dead but is rescued and is in the hospital, where he meets a beautiful doctor (and you know where that leads).

Soon it is discovered the car crash was no accident it was Russians who shot out the car and it seems like it was a target for Felicity. When a new Brigadier with an attitude is thrust upon Felicity she makes his life hard. And then it is found out he has used blackmail to further his career. Soon he ends up quitting and getting an early pension. He also has been recruited by the Russians and is being used to take out Felicity and Stone. But this guy isn’t that great and Stone figures things out but will it be too late.

Also in the novel Stone is approached by CIA head Lance about a new position and he has some quality time with Holly. Yes for those of you counting at home that makes 3 women in this novel. Stone is such a stud!

Another fun Stone Barrington novel. He is such a great character, as are the other characters in the series. These books are so easy to read with no useless filler and not overly long. And they are always fun to read.

You can pick up Stealth in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from Putnam.

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